Public Works

Public works is defined as the construction or development of infrastructure and facilities for public use (e.g. bridges, roads and parks). In Manheim Township, the design, construction and maintenance of public parks and other infrastructure is the primary and fundamental function of the Public Works Department. These activities involve working with the Department of Recreation and Park Planning on recreational facilities needs, as well as overseeing the day-to-day construction and maintenance of the Township’s road and street infrastructure, fixed assets, equipment, public lands and grounds, government buildings and structures, and similar programs and services.


To (a) provide access to desired destinations in the Township, such as workplaces, shopping centers, and community facilities in a quick, convenient, safe and comfortable manner for all population groups and with a minimum of harmful effects to the environment, (b) support the Recreation and Park Planning office and program by providing citizens with recreational infrastructure that is accessible, safe, attractive and well maintained, (c) provide composting and waste hauling activities in a safe, environmentally sound, and aesthetically acceptable manner, and (d) promote the aesthetics of the community, environmental stewardship, and the health and safety of the citizens.


The Manheim Township Public Works department is an all-season full-service department. Some of the key responsibilities include:

  • Seasonal Street Maintenance (e.g. repairs, sweeping, cleaning)
  • Leaf and Snow Removal
  • Compost Facility Management
  • Adopt-a-Highway Program
  • Park Facilities Maintenance
  • Public Grounds Mowing and Landscaping
  • Public Building/Facilities Maintenance
  • Refuse Hauling Permitting
  • Road Opening Permitting
  • Stormwater Management for the public system