Seasonal Services

Free holiday tree drop off at Compost Park with Resident Access Card until January 31, 2024.

Compost Park hours from January to March 31 are Friday, Saturday and Sunday only from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Manheim Township provides a variety of seasonal services throughout the year. These services are outlined below:

Fall Leaf Collection

The Township Public Works staff and Leaf Crew collects approximately 2,000 tons per season. 

2024 Fall Leaf Collection Schedule will be released in early October of 2024.

Click here to view our interactive map to find out what neighborhood you're located in.

Leaf Collecting Truck

Snow and Ice Removal 

The Public Works department is committed to providing excellent snow removal service. Although the Township has a general policy for snow removal, each storm event may be a cause for change. The Township is divided into zones. Within each zone, the major collection streets and roadways are attended to first, with the residential streets following. Salt material is spread on the roads at the start of a storm, and when snow starts to accumulate, the roads will be plowed with one single pass in each direction on each street. After the initial plowing, the plow will return to widen the cleared area as much as possible. When clearing driveway entrances keep in mind that the plow will be returning again and may block the driveway with additional snow. In our attempt to remove snow from the roads, plowed snow may damage mailboxes; wet heavy snow increases the chance of damage to mailboxes. To reduce the potential for damage, make sure your mailbox is secured tightly on a sturdy post. Damage occurring from plowed snow is the property owner's responsibly. The Township crew makes every effort to avoid causing damage to mailboxes. Some additional reminders during snow events: Do not push or throw snow in roadways. This create hazardous driving conditions. Drive carefully at a minimum speed. Keep parked vehicles off the street whenever possible.