Storage Tanks - Installation and/or Removal

The installation and/or removal of storage tanks is regulated by the PA Uniform Construction Code under the International Fire Code in effect. This includes above-ground and buried tanks, as well as tanks within a structure.

 A Fire Permit is required.  The information required is the property owner’s name, contractor’s name, project location,  brief description of the project and the dollar value of the project. Either the property owner or agent of the owner (i.e. contractor) can make application for a Fire Permit.

The permit fee, due at time of application, is a set fee.  Review page 2 (residential tank) and page 4 (non-residential tank) of the Building Permit Fee Schedule for building permit related fees.  An additional zoning review fee will be accessed as part of all exterior storage tank permits. 

For all tanks outside a structure, four (4) copies of a site plan are also required.  This permit application will be reviewed by both the Code Compliance Department and the Planning and Zoning Department simultaneously for approval.  No site plan or additional drawings are required for a tank placed inside a structure.

You may request a copy of a site plan of your property by contacting the Planning and Zoning Department.  Be sure to include your project address in your request.

Here is additional information regarding the “Placement of Storage Tanks.”

NOTE:  Liquid Petroleum (LP) tanks are exempt under the PA Uniform Construction Code and therefore does not require a Fire Permit for installation or removal.  HOWEVER, the placement or removal of such tanks does require approval from the Planning and Zoning Department.  A “Zoning Permit’’ is required prior to the commencement of work.