Fences and Freestanding or Retaining Walls

The installation of a fence, freestanding landscape wall or retaining wall requires a zoning permit or a building permit depending on the type of wall or fence to be installed.

Review the Fence Regulations and Permit Requirements (PDF) for zoning regulations for fences and freestanding walls.

Zoning Permit Required

  • Fence installations with the exception of a pool barrier.  Pool barriers/pool fences require a building permit. 
  • Freestanding landscape walls
  • Retaining walls with (4) feet or less of unbalanced fill 
  • You may request a copy of a site plan of your property by contacting the Planning and Zoning Department. Be sure to include your address in your request.

Building Permit Required

  • Pool barriers/pool fences
    • Refer to the Pool Barrier Guidelines (PDF) for code requirements associated with the installation or replacement of a pool fence or pool barrier.
  • Retaining walls with more than (4) feet or more of unbalanced fill 
  • Submit the following in person or via first class mail for review and approval: