Township Manager-Secretary

The Township Manager-Secretary is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township and serves as the Secretary to the Board of Commissioners. The office is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and is authorized by the Pennsylvania First Class Township Code and any subsequent ordinances that may be developed and approved by the Board of Commissioners.

In Manheim Township, the Board of Commissioners has delegated many of its non-legislative and non-judicial powers and administrative duties to the Township Manager-Secretary, which are outlined in the Township Code of Ordinances. The Secretary functions and duties that support the Board of Commissioners are outlined in the PA First Class Township Code.

The Township Manager-Secretary has a variety of managerial and secretarial duties. Some of the key areas of responsibility for the Township Manager-Secretary are:


  • Point of contact for administration and liaison between the Board of Commissioners and Township employed and volunteer personnel, as to outside private, non-profit and governmental organizations
  • Address and respond to citizen concerns and requests for services
  • Supervise all departments heads and day-to-day administration affairs of the Township
  • Participate in the coordination and preparation of the Township budget and capital improvement program
  • Monitor purchasing and the performance of the annual budget
  • Monitor day-to-day enforcement performance of the laws of the Commonwealth of PA, and Township's ordinances and resolutions
  • Oversee upkeep of all property and equipment
  • Oversee performance of all leases and contracts


  • Serve as point of contact for the Board of Commissioners between internal and external agencies and outside private, non-profit and governmental organizations
  • Act as a clerk for the Board of Commissioners and keep all minutes
  • Coordinate preservation of all records of the Township
  • Coordinate requests for public records under open records laws
  • Coordinate official correspondence to Commonwealth of PA