Apply for a liquor license tranfer?

Procedure for seeking an inter-municipal transfer, or economic development based liquor license

As outlined in Resolution 2001-30, any applicant seeking an inter-municipal transfer of a liquor license or economic development liquor license shall complete and submit the Application for Liquor License Form to the Township and provide information and testimony in a public review process. This process is also authorized under PA Act 141 pertaining to liquor licenses.

The Form and appropriate application fee shall be submitted to the Township Manager, at 1840 Municipal Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601.

Upon receipt of the Liquor License Application Form, the Township Manager will add this application information to the next available Board of Commissioners' meeting for acknowledgment by the Commissioners and to schedule a public hearing as required by Pennsylvania Act 141. A Court Reporter will be present at the public hearing to make a transcript of the hearing.

The application submitted to the Township Manager shall be accompanied by an application fee to be paid to Manheim Township in the amount of $1,900. This fee will cover administrative costs and the costs incurred to conduct the public hearing. Along with the application, the public hearing will provide the record of the matter.

Upon receipt of the application form and the proper application fee by the Township, the Township shall also have the right to post notice on the property related to the liquor license, but shall not be required to do so.

The Board of Commissioners will be able to render an appropriate determination at the conclusion of the hearing.

Manheim Township Liquor License Application Form (PDF)

Resolution 2014-49 Procedures for Inter-Municipal Liquor License Transfer, etc. (PDF)

PA Liquor Control Board website