Vacancy Board


  • No set time
  • No set day
  • Municipal Building
    1840 Municipal Drive
    Lancaster, PA 17601


  • Michael K. McCarty
    Term Expires: January 2024
  • Remaining Members are the Board of Commissioners

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The Manheim Township Vacancy Board is a special purpose board established to appointment a Commissioner when a vacancy occurs in elected office and when the remaining members of the Board of Commissioners (assuming one vacancy) are unable to agree on an appointment.

Section 530 of the PA First Class Township Code outlines the detailed procedures for appointments. If any person elected to any office fails to serve in the office or if a vacancy occurs in the office by death, resignation, removal from the township or otherwise, the Board of Commissioners may appoint a successor who is an elector of the township and has resided in that township continuously for at least one (1) year prior to their appointment. If the unusual circumstance arises where the Board of Commissioners fails to make the appointment within thirty (30) days after the vacancy occurs, the vacancy shall be filled within fifteen (15) additional days by the Vacancy Board.

The Vacancy Board consists of the sitting Board of Commissioners and one elector of the township, who is appointed by the Board of Commissioners each year, or as soon after that is practical. The individual appointed shall act as the chairman of the Vacancy Board and lead the appointment process per the requirements of the PA First Class Township Code.