Community Development

The community development division is a newly created division within the Township.

The role of the newly hired Community Development Manager is to oversee the planning and development of the Township. Early emphasis will be placed on the review and update to the Township’s Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in 2010. Additionally, review of our current Zoning Ordinance will be a priority. The Community Development Manager will look to engage our neighboring municipalities to work cooperatively to provide connectivity and to blur the borders for the benefit of the area’s residents.

A needed focus will be on redevelopment and adaptive reuse along our Southern border that meets Lancaster City. This position will be focused on how best to work within our existing Ordinances and/or update our Ordinances to address growing concerns for redevelopment and to align with regional and neighboring planning documents.

The oversight, planning and development of our Parks system will also be an emphasis of the position. With thirteen diverse parks of various size and programming, a complete review of the park inventory is needed, as well as the development of a collective vision for healthy recreation in the Township that is enshrined in the upcoming Comprehensive Plan Update.

  1. Anthony Vallone (AICP)

    Community Development Manager
    Phone: 717-569-6408 ext 1122