Volunteers and Volunteering

Helping Hands

Manheim Township’s goals and objectives cannot be achieved without working in partnership with all citizens. The Township is committed to providing opportunities for broad citizen involvement, learning, and information sharing in an effort to enhance effectiveness, balance public service demands with available resources, and enhance the already outstanding quality of life in Manheim Township.

With this in mind, the Board of Commissioners, appointed Boards and Commissions, Township Manager and departmental staff are committed to improving the quality of life for citizens by involving volunteers who offer their time, effort, and talents to serve Manheim Township. As a large and very active community, the Township will strive to incorporate volunteers into all facets of the organization in meaningful ways.

The Township Board of Commissioners and staff thank all of the volunteers serving the community for their knowledge and commitment to the community through volunteering. We look forward to helping anyone inspired to "get involved" by providing you with challenging opportunities and a fulfilling volunteer experience.

Let us know you are interested by completing the Volunteer Position Application and submitting it to the Township.

Volunteer Position Application Link

Volunteer Programs for You

Adopt a Road Program

Adopt a Stream Program

Library Volunteering

Manheim Township Fire Rescue (MTFR) System Volunteers

Great PA Cleanup Program