Stormwater Management Ordinance

The Township is required by federal and state regulations to implement a program of stormwater controls and measures. The Stormwater Management Ordinance of Manheim Township, establishes rules, regulations and standards, governing stormwater management within the Township of Manheim, setting forth the procedures to be followed by the officials of the Township in applying and administering these rules, regulations and standards and providing penalties for the violation thereof. Any landowner or any person engaged in the alteration or development of land which may affect stormwater runoff characteristics shall implement stormwater management measures as are reasonably necessary to protect other property. Such measures shall also include actions as are required to manage rate, volume, direction and quality of stormwater runoff.

In addition to the Stormwater Ordinance, the Township has adopted The Stormwater Management Reference Manual (2023), which is a compilation of design criteria, operation and maintenance guidelines.