What to Do - Hurricanes

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones that threaten areas of the United States along the Atlantic coastline and the Gulf of Mexico. They can cause extensive damage from winds, flooding, and even tornadoes they produce. While Lancaster County and Manheim Township are not typically in the direct line of hurricanes, storms tracking to the north will reach this area with less punch, but still bringing damage to the area. The hurricane season extends from June to November, and peaks from mid-August to late October.

Hurricane Forecast

Terms to Know

Hurricane Watch - A hurricane watch means that hurricane conditions are possible within 36 hours.

Hurricane Warning - This means a hurricane is expected within 24 hours.

Storm Surge - A storm surge is a dome of water pushed ashore by hurricane-force winds

Storm Tide - In tidal areas, a storm tide is when a storm surge and the normal tide combines.

During a Hurricane Threat

  • Stay tuned to radio or TV for updates.
  • Shutter or board the windows in your home.
  • Secure outdoor objects or bring them indoors.
  • Stock up on food and water in case you must take shelter in your home.
  • Fuel up your car in case an evacuation is ordered.
  • Turn off utilities at the main valves or switches if instructed by authorities.

During a Hurricane

  • Take refuge on the ground floor in a small central room or hallway.
  • Get under a table or similar strong object.
  • Keep away from windows and glass doors
  • Close all inside doors. Brace all outside doors.

After a Hurricane

  • Remain in a secure location until you are notified it is safe to leave.
  • Do not drive unless necessary.
  • Do not drink tap water until authorities say it is safe.
  • Stay away from waterways until potential flooding has passed.
  • Report downed power lines, broken glass, sewer lines, and water lines to proper officials.
  • Inspect your home for damage.
  • Report any damage to your insurance agent.