Inter-Governmental/Agency Cooperation

The Manheim Township Board of Commissioners and Township staff actively create relationships and participate in inter-governmental and inter-agency cooperative efforts that are beneficial for the community. Leadership involves looking out beyond municipal boundaries. The Township's inter-governmental activities, civic relationships and professional information-sharing help to do this. Ultimately, working with local, regional and state partners assists the Township organization to accomplish its missions. Benefits from cooperation often include:

Sculpture of Humans Helping Each Other up
  • Early Identification and Resolution of Problems Issues - Cooperation enables the Township to identify and resolve potential conflicts at an early stage.
  • Reduced Litigation - Cooperation can assist in resolving issues before they become mired in litigation.
  • Consistency - Cooperation can lead to consistency of the goals, objectives, plans, policies and actions of neighboring communities and other jurisdictions.
  • Understanding - Cooperation nurtures awareness of mutual interests, differing needs and priorities and anticipation of problems and ways to avoid them.
  • Trust - Cooperation can lead to positive experiences and results that build trust and good working relationships.
  • Cost Savings - Cooperation can save money by increasing efficiency and avoiding unnecessary duplication. Cooperation can enable services and facilities to be provided that would otherwise be too costly.
  • Address Regional Issues - By communicating, coordinating actions, and working with regional, State agencies, the County and local governments, Manheim Township can lead and benefit from addressing and resolving issues which are regional in nature.

Partnerships and Cooperation

The following list outlines some of the key local, regional and state partnerships, memberships and programs with which Manheim Township is involved. Click on the links for more information:

The Lancaster Chamber

Lancaster County

The Lancaster County Conservation District

The Lancaster Farmland Trust

The Lancaster Area Sewer Authority

Manheim Township School District

Lancaster Airport Authority

The Library System of Lancaster County

The Pennsylvania Association of Township Commissioners

Pennsylvania Department of General Services Costars Program

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - District 8-0

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection - Southcentral Region

The Chesapeake Bay Program

Manheim Township Ambulance Association

The City of Lancaster

East Petersburg Borough

Lancaster Township

East Hempfield Township

Government Financial Officers Association - PA Chapter (GFOA)

Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED)

Pennsylvania Municipal League (PML)

Pennsylvania Public Employer Labor Relations Advisory Service (PELRAS)