How do my neighbors and I close our street for a block party?

The first step in preparing for a block party is to contact the Manheim Township Police Department with a petition signed by a majority of your neighbors agreed to hold a block party on your street. 

 A block party is more about slowing or limiting movements on the street. For safety reasons for limiting or slowing vehicles moving on the street, you and your neighbors may desire to place barricades or cones on your street. These are available at the Township Public Works Department. When you have notified the Police Department of your event with the petition, you may call the PW Department at 569-6406 Ext 129 and request the barricades and cones suitable for your needs. The Township has a very modest charge for the rental of barricades and cones ($10 per barricade, $1 per cone). These items will be delivered to your street and picked up after the party.

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