What is a Village Growth Area?
The Village Growth Area is an area that is designated as appropriate for future development and includes a traditional village core, adjacent developed portions of a township, and additional land to absorb a portion of a township’s future land use needs over a 25-year period while maintaining village scale, character, and a defined edge. Development in Village Growth Areas should be provided with public sewer and/or public water service where appropriate and feasible. The target net density for residential development in Village Growth Areas is 2.5 units/ acre, on average. Nonresidential development should occur at intensities which are compatible with the character of the Village. Both residential and non-residential development should be designed to be compatible with and complement the traditional, pedestrian friendly character of the village through features such as grid street patterns, sidewalks, buildings pulled to the street with parking behind, and compatible architectural scale and mass.

All land area within Manheim Township with the exception of the agricultural zoned land located in the northeast corner of the Township is considered a designated growth area. The area surrounded the Village of Oregon is considered a Village Growth Area while the remainder of the Township is considered an Urban Growth Area.

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