Where do I go to file a complaint against my utility company?

Most utility services and similar companies want to resolve your consumer issues. So, before filing a complaint against your utility company, try and work with their customer service staff and similar resources to resolve the issues. If all else fails, there are some options to take you complaints to the next level of oversight. In Pennsylvania, the PA Public Utility Commission (PUC) oversees all public utilities in the Commonwealth. The Township is not the appropriate entity to contact when you have a service issue related to public utilities monitored by the PUC. Again, all consumers must first attempt to resolve service issues with the respective utility company. If the utility company is non-responsive to your request for improvements to service, you need to contact the PA Public Utility Commission, Bureau of Consumer Services (BCS). The Bureau of Consumer Services (BCS) assists consumers in resolving complaints with utility companies under the PUCs authority. Again, before you file an informal complaint, you must first deal directly with your utility company. If the company is unable to resolve your problem, you may contact us to file an informal complaint. BCS investigates and responds to informal complaints as soon as possible. The telephone number for the BCS is below. 1-800-692-7380 Please do not file an Informal or Formal Complaint or provide BCS comments regarding the following utilities, since the PUC does not regulate these services: For Rural Electric Cooperatives, please contact the PA Rural Electric Association. For utilities owned and operated by municipalities that operate wholly within their limits (none in Manheim Township), contact the service provider. For Cable TV companies (Comcast in Manheim Township), contact the municipal office. For cellular or wireless phone companies, contact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). For bottled propane gas companies, contact the PA Office of Attorney General Bureau of Consumer Protection. For oil companies, contact the PA Office of Attorney General Bureau of Consumer Protection.

PUC Bureau of Consumer Services

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