Boettcher House Museum Board


  • 6:00 p.m.
  • First Wednesday of every month (Please check the Calendar for exceptions).
  • Boettcher House Museum
    2369 Lititz Pike
    Lancaster, PA 17601


  • Patricia Beaumont, President
    Term Expires: January 2023
  • Julianne W. Bruetsch 
    Term Expires: January 2022
  • Bonnie Hauser
    Term Expires: January 2022
  • Elizabeth N. Landis
    Term Expires: January 2023
  • Jennifer Cavalcante
    Term Expires: January 2024
  • Jerry Schrawder
    Term Expires: January 2022
  • Kate Kilkenny
    Term Expires: January 2024
  • R. Lou Weiler
    Term Expires: January 2023
  • Mishon L. Eberly
    Term Expires: January 2024

Become a Board Member (PDF)


The Boettcher House Museum Board is an advisory board established by the Board of Commissioners to oversee the facilities and develop programs and activities at the Boettcher House Museum and the Landis Woods Recreation area. Duties of the Boettcher House Museum Board include such items as:

Ensuring the safe access of the museum and the educational information,

Establishing general policies and rules for operation and use,

Advising the Director of Recreation in the annual operating and capital budget for the facility,

Participating with the Recreation staff in the annual art show and other programs and events, and

Conducting other studies and performing other related initiatives independently for the betterment of the Boettcher House for the community.

The Manheim Township Boettcher House Museum Board of Directors is comprised of at least six (6) and no more than fifteen (15) members who have broad representation of various community interests and organizations. Each member is appointed by the Board of Commissioners for a term of three (3) years.