Driveway/Grading Permits

A Driveway/Grading Permit is required for all on-site improvements on the exterior of the building and all driveway improvements outside the public right-of-way. Driveway/Grading Permits are required for the following projects:

  • Subdivision, Land Development, Grading or Stormwater Projects
  • Residential/Non-Residential Driveway Addition or Expansion Not Involving a Public Highway

When the driveway entrance is onto a State road, a copy of the PennDOT Highway Occupancy and/or Driveway Permits must be provided before a Driveway/Grading Permit will be issued by the Township. When a driveway entrance is onto a Township road, a street opening permit will be required.

For Grading Permits associated with Subdivision, Land Development, Grading or Stormwater Projects, three (3) complete sets of the approved plan must accompany the Grading Permit application and the associated fees.

For Driveway Permits for improvements outside the public right-of-way, the following information must be provided when you make application to obtain a Driveway/Grading Permit:

  • Completed and Signed Driveway/Grading Permit Application (The application can also be picked up at the Municipal Office or by contacting the Planning and Zoning Department.)
  • Permit Fee for the Driveway Permit is  $50.00.
  • Two (2) copies of a detailed site (plot) plan, (view sample site plan (PDF)) as specified in the Zoning Site Plan Requirements Sheet (PDF). These requirements include but are not limited to the identification of:
    • All property lines.
    • Locations and dimensions of all existing buildings and improvements including all sidewalks, walkways, patios, pools, sheds, decks and other such “impervious surfaces”.
    • The location of all proposed projects.

See the Zoning Site Plan Requirements (PDF) for further details on required information. Failure to include all the applicable items may delay the processing of your permit.

You may request a copy of an existing site plan of your property by contacting the Planning and Zoning Department. Be sure to include your address in your request. Manheim Township cannot attest to the accuracy of these site plan.

The Township may not have a site plan on file for your property. We must rely on the property owner/applicant to provide an adequate and accurate site plan.

No work shall commence until the Driveway/Grading Permit has been approved and all permit fees paid.

Separate permits are required for building construction activity including electrical, plumbing and mechanical and/or blasting operations.

Inspections are required throughout the project. The Township must be contacted when construction begins. The Township will contact our current engineer who will inspect the improvements as the project progresses.

If the owner/applicant fails to contact the Township prior to the commencement of work, or the installation of improvements cannot be verified, the owner/applicant may be required to remove a portion or all of the improvements.