Commissioners Meeting Room Rental

The Commissioners' Meeting Room is similar to the Township's other meeting room facilities. The Commissioners' Meeting Room, located at the Township Administration Building, is available for public use.

On a regular basis, the Commissioners' meeting room is used during normal business hours for conducting Township-related business activities. The room is also reserved and scheduled in the evenings for public meetings and hearings held by the Township Board of Commissioners and other Boards and Commissions serving the community.

Commissioners Meeting Room

Commissioners Meeting Room

During open periods where the meeting room is not in use, the public is able to reserve the room for a modest fee. Priority of use for the room is given (in order) to Township-associated business and meeting activities, Township citizens, Non-Profit Groups, and other external groups or individuals.

To reserve the room, please first contact the Township at 569-6408 x 1108 to determine the availability of the room for the date(s) desired. If there is an opening, please complete the Commissioners' Meeting Room Reservation Request Form and return it to the Township office. The current fees for rental are provided on the Schedule of Fees. 

Schedule of Fees (See "Other Fees and Charges")

Commissioner's Meeting Room Reservation Request Form (PDF)