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Contact the Police or Township Officials When Filing a Complaint?
As a local government, Manheim Township has jurisdiction and is given authority to enforce private actions over certain matters pertaining to your home, property and daily life.  The authority to do so is established by the Pennsylvania State Legislature through various laws and the PA First Class Township Code.  

Ordinances (rules) that are adopted by the elected Board of Commissioners establish the basic legal foundation and standards of in which the Township works.  These rules are created by the Commonwealth of PA for which the Township pledges to enforce.  If enabled by the Commonwealth of PA, the Township Commissioners may create other ordinances and regulations used to protect and maintain the public health, safety and welfare of the community.

When you, as a citizen, feel your rights and/or your health, safety and welfare is being jeopardized, you have a variety of choices to make to file a complaint or engage services to meet your needs.  This section will outlined the best methods to contact the police or Township officials for the type of issue you face.

Police and Emergency Services - CALL 9-1-1

In an emergency, fire, medical injury, or when criminal activity is observed, calling 9-1-1 is the most effective means of engaging the Manheim Township Police Department.  It is also the primary means of engaging local fire protectio and ambulance services.

When you call 9-1-1, dispatchers at the Lancaster County Emergency Dispatch Center will take your call, assess the situation and systematically engage the appropriate emergency response for the situation.  Always use 9-1-1 in emergency situations.

Non-Emergency Police Services

In any police emergency, calling 9-1-1 is the best option.  However, in non-emergency incidents, such as noise complaints, high weeds and grass, local parking issues, and similar non-emergencies, the police may be engaged by calling 717-664-1180.

When you call 717-664-1180, dispatchers at the Lancaster County Emergency Dispatch Center will take you call, assess the situation and systematically engage the appropriate police department personnel to investigate the matter.  It is important to call this number so that the incident will be clearly registered in the incident management system, where it can be monitored and tracked.

Building, Property Maintenance and Zoning/Land Use Issues

In any given year, the Township receives many building, property maintenance and zoning/land use related complaints.  While these matters may not be "emergency" in nature, they are often very important to homeowners and residents making the calls because the problems are directly related to public health, safety and welfare.

Issues related to building conditions, building safety, property maintenance (junk) and similar matters should be directed to the Township's Code Compliance Department at 717-569-6406 Extension 6.  Similar to the police department, calls received are entered into the Township complaint tracking system and a code compliance official will be assigned to investigate the matter and process any corrective measures. 

Issues related to the use of property, screening and buffering requirements and similar zoning ordinance provisions should be directed to the Township's Planning and Zoning Department at 717-569-6406 Extension 7.  Similar to the Code Compliance Department, calls and complaints received that are entered into the Township complaint tracking system and a zoning officer will process the complaint and investigate the matter.  If necessary, the zoning officer will process the complaint and coordinate any corrective measures.
For efficient response, it is important to call the proper numbers listed above to ensure the at the incident will be registered, where it can be monitored and tracked.

Manheim Township • 1840 Municipal Drive • Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601 • 717-569-6408
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